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The Bermuda Monetary Authority (“Authority”) may assist a foreign regulator in accordance with provisions allowing for disclosure of information under Bermuda laws.  Such laws impose a duty on the Authority to only disclose information it received in confidence to another foreign regulator where, amongst other things; such regulator is also required under its domestic laws to maintain the confidentiality of the information in a manner similarly imposed upon the Authority under Bermuda law.  Where a foreign regulator has entered into any Multi-lateral or bi-lateral Memorandum of Understanding (“MMOU or “MOU”) with the Authority and wishes to make a request under such information sharing arrangement, please ensure all relevant information required for the Authority to address the request is provided in the request for assistance. Requests for assistance should be made in accordance with the provisions of the MMOU or MOU in question to the General Counsel of the Legal Department of the Authority via Upon receipt of a request for assistance, the Authority shall verify if all relevant criteria relating to disclosure of information under Bermuda laws are met (or where there is a MOU/MMOU in place, criteria arising thereunder) and then respond to the request in due course.​​

In other cases the requests may be sent to the head of the relevant supervisory department:



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